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Cannibal German Shepherd

My sister’s dog gave birth while I was visiting her in South Carolina. I also got a new tattoo, which I will update later. They found Rusty the German Shepherd wandering around outside, skin and bones, so they chained her up outside the house and fed her a ham bone, hoping her owner would come and claim her. No one did, so they kept her and tried fattening her up. Only, she didn’t gain any weight anywhere but her belly, and her belly kept growing and growing. While walking her in the park, a police officer from the canine unit told my sister that Rusty looked to be about 8 months old, which means she must have gotten pregnant at about 5 months, which is way too early. Rusty started acting weird the second night I was there, so Amber and I stayed up playing Pictionary and comforting her. Around 2 AM she started acting perfectly fine, so we went to sleep, thinking it was a false alarm. The next morning at around 10AM, right after I commented on how normal she was acting compared to the night before,a baby just kind of popped out of her while she was sitting around. She was kind of manhandling it and tossing it around a bit, but she was licking it and we assumed that mama dogs are usually kind of haphazard with their babies. She didn’t have another baby until like 2pm, and when we went to check on them she had pushed it to the side and ignored it. Later, we heard squealing and a crunch through the door. By the time we got in there to check, the babies were gone. We took each subsequent baby from her, and when our family went to a fancy dinner around 6 we stayed behind to make sure we saved any more babies that happened to pop out. She had two more babies while they were gone, one of which was a very skinny and struggling to breathe. I rubbed that baby with a warm towel and sucked out his nose and throat with one of those baby-nose sucky things, and he came around. Another baby was born at 11PM and the final baby was born at 4AM, and my sister woke me up plopped in into bed next to to me so she could tend to mama dog. We bottle fed the babies that whole day, and then bought a muzzle for mama dog so the babies could nurse. Mama dog has calmed down quite a bit and is feeding and licking her babies through the muzzle during supervised visits. She pushes the small baby with the breathing problems away and refuses to lick it until my sister keeps pushing baby in her face. I’m not really sure what makes a mama eat her babies, maybe nervousness or her young age. Shame on whoever bred her so early.

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